Peaceful Resistance

The incoming President of the United States put the fear of non-belonging into the heart of a child who has been a U.S. citizen since he was 11 months old. I peacefully protest.


Two Separate Things

I have to keep the issue of a Trump presidency (from which I recoil but for which I hope the very best) separate from the issue of the tens of millions of Americans who support him (with whom I disagree but with whom I live).


The Presidential candidates seem to have forgotten that they have applied for the job of leading us. I sure wish they would each quit telling me what they think of the other, don’t you?

Debate #1: Choose Your Fear

Trump and Clinton both present visions of America that fill me with fear: a fear that drives me to isolation, or the fear of engagement. If a life of fear is inevitable, then I must choose my fear.

Donald’s World

The other evening, my wife and I went for a stroll around our urban neighborhood. At the corner we noticed a couple of wooden desk drawers propped up against the black iron fence in front of an apartment. Looking ahead down the street, we noticed a fellow shoving an enormous wooden desk along the sidewalk….

‘Trump’ begins with the letter ‘Tea’

The Republican Party was doomed the day it got in bed with the Tea Party. Here’s how I see it: The Tea Party blindsided the Republican Party from the right. At the time (2009), the Republicans held a handy majority in the House, but were irrelevant in the Senate. Figuring they could not afford to…