Bob Corker: Telling It Like It Is?

I would like to hear more cabinet secretaries and senators tell us, frankly and on the record, what they really believe about our unorthodox president.


And A Swing To The Middle!

As Trump blames the Right and Priebus courts Moderates, are we witnessing a swing to the center?

Balanced Reporting: A Challenge To The Left

Since Trump’s candidacy, the liberal media has fed me a diet increasingly heavy on Leftism, while the conservative media feeds me the same old meal of fear and disaster.

Hide the Muslims?

The Imam said “So last night I was watching SNL–” and the place went totally up-for-grabs.

Christians First?

I find the notion of fast-tracking Christians out of the Middle East ahead of any other persecuted persons to be repugnant.

Paying For The Wall

I’m all right with Trump’s vision of protectionist economics, because I am already a low-income person with a very modest standard of living. I’m just not sure the American middle class is really ready to join me here.

What next?

I rather look forward to turning myself in as a Mexican gay Muslim.

Peaceful Resistance

The incoming President of the United States put the fear of non-belonging into the heart of a child who has been a U.S. citizen since he was 11 months old. I peacefully protest.

Two Separate Things

I have to keep the issue of a Trump presidency (from which I recoil but for which I hope the very best) separate from the issue of the tens of millions of Americans who support him (with whom I disagree but with whom I live).

Price of Admission

One short trip to the ballot box and I get to gripe for four years! What a deal!

Made in the USA?

Trump’s protectionist economics would cut off both of my legs.