Balanced Reporting: A Challenge To The Left

Since Trump’s candidacy, the liberal media has fed me a diet increasingly heavy on Leftism, while the conservative media feeds me the same old meal of fear and disaster.

Hide the Muslims?

The Imam said “So last night I was watching SNL–” and the place went totally up-for-grabs.

Christians First?

I find the notion of fast-tracking Christians out of the Middle East ahead of any other persecuted persons to be repugnant.

Paying For The Wall

I’m all right with Trump’s vision of protectionist economics, because I am already a low-income person with a very modest standard of living. I’m just not sure the American middle class is really ready to join me here.

What next?

I rather look forward to turning myself in as a Mexican gay Muslim.

Peaceful Resistance

The incoming President of the United States put the fear of non-belonging into the heart of a child who has been a U.S. citizen since he was 11 months old. I peacefully protest.

Two Separate Things

I have to keep the issue of a Trump presidency (from which I recoil but for which I hope the very best) separate from the issue of the tens of millions of Americans who support him (with whom I disagree but with whom I live).

Price of Admission

One short trip to the ballot box and I get to gripe for four years! What a deal!

Made in the USA?

Trump’s protectionist economics would cut off both of my legs.

And when the ice caps melted…

Future generations may ask, “What did they do when the ice caps melted?”

Well, the poor swam for their lives, and the wealthy took a cruise.