Balanced Reporting: A Challenge To The Left

Since Trump’s candidacy, the liberal media has fed me a diet increasingly heavy on Leftism, while the conservative media feeds me the same old meal of fear and disaster.


3. Who are “They”, anyway?

“Hateful Eight” was not brought to you by Quentin Tarantino. It was brought to you by a consortium of 60 companies all looking for a slice of the $145M gross.

2.2.3 IMHO Saves the Day

It is only from the bridge of the Poseidon that you can safely pronounce the situation an unqualified disaster.

2.1.1 Nadir or Normal?

Here is a simple, common, powerful way a message-bearer can bias the recipient without even deviating from objectivity.

1.1.1 Romney’s 47%

For practice, let’s apply the logical analysis I described in post 1.1 Truth Value vs Truth to Mitt Romney’s famous “47%” speech. (The transcript appears at the bottom of this post.) In September 2012, when he was running for President against incumbent Barack Obama, Romney spoke at a private fundraising event in Boca Raton, Florida. Among other things,…

1.1 Truth Value vs Truth

What did they say? What did they really say? Here’s my favorite trick for thinking critically. I was first introduced to this technique by my sixth grade teacher, Mrs. Ravitz. You probably saw this if you studied geometry. Does this statement make sense? 2+2=4 Of course it does. Is it true? I think we would…