Balanced Reporting: A Challenge To The Left

I rely mostly on NPR for my news reporting. Historically, I have found it to be left-leaning but more thorough and balanced than most any other news outlet. (If you know of a news source that you find to be as thorough but more balanced than NPR, please share it in the comments.) But lately — that is, since Donald Trump became the Republican nominee for President — it seems NPR has been feeding me a pretty consistent diet of Rampant Leftism. For example, since the introduction of President Trump’s first travel ban, I have been handed scores of lengthy, detailed stories of harmless immigrants and refugees, the horrendous obstacles they have overcome, the outstanding contributions they have made to their American communities, and the recent uptick of bigotry they have faced. In contrast, I can think of maybe two stories exploring any connection between immigration and crime or other societal costs, either here in the U.S. or elsewhere. The two stories I can recall were brief and superficial. This is a drag, because I am generally sympathetic to immigration and immigrants (such as my dad), and I am proud of the work my church has done in recent years receiving and settling refugees. The Left’s run to the Left, however, drives me to other news sources to find out what else is going on with these significant issues. To my dismay, I find other liberal media outlets (eg MSNBC) are serving a diet of hysteria and insinuation. And I find all conservative media outlets still serving up the same old stew of fear and disaster.

There has never been a more vital time, in my opinion, for at least someone among the Free Press to just call it as it is, without bias or agenda. The world scene is crazy and complicated enough. Just give me the facts and I’ll decide for myself what I think of them.


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