What next?

I’m not tickled with our recent choice of President, but oh well — there it is. I will not torch a limo, I will not yell at my neighbor through a megaphone, I will not move to Canada. What will I do?

  • Find a Trump supporter and listen. Really listen, and find compassion, understanding and common ground. From this interaction I hope to allow my own views to be influenced, to be more accommodating to a wider swathe of fellow citizens.
  • Assemble peaceably. The Women’s March in Chicago was sensational. I disagreed with half the signs I saw; I could not participate in half the chants I heard. And yet we were united in a commitment to resist the President’s disparagement of any American. Peaceable Assembly remains my favorite right. I would encourage all Americans to treat themselves to the privilege and participate in a major march or rally, just for the neighborly thrill of it. I hope for a chance to participate in rallies that are structured around things I disagree with or don’t believe in, in the hopes I can better understand the Americans around me.
  • Keep in touch with my Reps. I just bookmarked the Contact pages for my two Senators, my Rep, my Governor and my Mayor. I dashed them off a note expressing my opinion concerning spending money on a border fence. (It is my opinion the estimated cost could achieve our immigration objectives more effectively if spent elsewhere.) I intend to contact these folks regularly. It’s their job to listen to me.
  • If appropriate, practice a little civil disobedience. It’s hard to say for sure what’s coming, but there may be a line I am unwilling to cross. For example, if the Federal Government decides it needs to register any segment of the citizenry to keep tabs on them, I will gladly go register fraudulently as a member of the target group. I’m a white, straight Christian. I rather look forward to turning myself in as a Mexican gay Muslim.
  • And if necessary, I am prepared to go to Washington and chain myself to the White House fence. I am not sure what policy position would drive me to that point, but just in case, I have to wrap my head around it. What am I prepared to do to stand for Freedom and Justice for All?

And you? What are your plans? Do you generally support Mr. Trump? Has his election inspired you to commit to some new course of action moving forward? What is it?


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  1. Richard Read says:

    Personally I took up blogging again. I’m a Progressive Christian, and I figured the one thing I can do well is write, so I’m using it for the resistance, but not simply for the sake of resisting- because it’s high-time Christians actually started speaking up for the oppressed

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  2. Richard Read says:

    I took up blogging again, so as to increase the voice for Progressive Christianity.


    1. Yes, we do exist. I think of myself as morally conservative and socially liberal. When I read the Bible, that’s how I see Jesus.

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