Peaceful Resistance

Well, Mr. Trump is my president. I am disappointed in the outcome of our election, but I accept it. I accept him as President, but I do not accept most of everything I have ever heard him say.

What to do? I eschew violence; I respect the Constitution; I even manage to respect the Electoral College, though with a gag. What to do? Assemble peacefully! Speak freely! Petition the government with my grievances, of course! So today I went to this rally, the byline of which was “Resistance, Unity, Respect For All”. Hey, I can get behind those sentiments! I am uneasy with groups that use bylines like “It’s a war”, “It’s time for revolution,” or “We must fight to the finish”. I figure it is this extreme mentality of “Us versus Them”, “We are right, They are wrong, and Thety must be destroyed” is what has gotten us into this sorry state of national division and mistrust.

So, I pray daily for those with whom I disagree; daily, my wife and I challenge each other to listen more and judge less; and today I peacefully expressed my opposition to some of our President-elect’s expressed attitudes toward immigrants and refugees.

The rally sponsors outlined a platform of protest and resistance. Mr. Trump has already walked back some of his statements regarding some of the platform positions. I pointed this out to my buddy, suggesting that we might be beating a dead horse, but he said sagely “He has walked back his stance in part because we continue to publicly protest.”

My buddy and I are white guys. My buddy adopted his third child, my godson, from an orphanage in Peru. My godson is 13 now, and since hearing a few Trump speeches, he has more than once asked his parents if he is in danger of deportation. The incoming President of the United States put this fear of non-belonging into the heart of a child who has been a U.S. citizen since he was 11 months old. I peacefully protest, and  politely resist.



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  1. Sara Wendt says:

    Beautifully written, Glen! I stand with you in this.


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