Eco-Co-Opt #2: Save the World in 3D

I noticed this box at an AMC theater the other day. The commercial co-opt of the sustainability issue is so extreme, it’s weird. You are an American consumer, standing in a modern multiplex cinema that cost tens of millions of dollars to develop; you just watched the latest Marvel thriller in Hyper 3D, a film that cost a quarter billion dollars to produce; but re-using your glasses is going to rescue the Earth from resource depletion?

For me, what is significant is not the absurdity of the idea AMC is promulgating; what is significant is that this might be effective. This coupling of the catastrophic with the trivial tends to trivialize the catastrophic. By reducing global resource depletion to a matter of dropping off your 3D glasses, I fear we become inured to the actual significance of the issue. This is the essence of a manufacturer co-opting the Sustainability issue: Sustainability is bad for business, so let’s stick a box in the lobby with a conscience-assuaging message.

So my counsel is: just be alert. Make your decisions about what you consume, not because a dumb ad made a preposterous claim on your conscience but because you thought about it for yourself and made up your own mind.

  1. Is the color of the box significant?
  2. What was I doing in a cineplex myself? With no further information or context, does that affect the credibility of my comments? (I think it should.)
Credit: I did not think to snap a photo of the 3D box myself; I found the image on another blogger’s site, where the author made similar observations to my own.

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