Says Who? Intro to Critical Thinking

Oh we are so easily lied to. I have developed a workshop curriculum that I sometimes present to high school upperclassmen to help them spot what’s going on behind the messages with which they are continually presented. Future posts will cover various of the following outline points; posts in other categories may reference these points.

  1. What did they say? Tips for careful ingestion of media messages: spotting lies, logical fallacies, objective / subjective confusion, etc.
  2. What did they really say? There’s almost always a subtext or ulterior motive.
  3. Who are “They” anyway? Who is really talking to you? There’s usually a messenger behind the messenger.
  4. What do they know about it anyway? Does the messenger really know what he’s talking about, or just posturing?
  5. So what? No matter how upset or excited you are, you may not be obliged to respond.

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