Choosing a Candidate: Process of Elimination

I look for the candidate who doesn’t whine.


2nd Amendment in Chicago

“The last thing this situation needs is more guns.”

1.1 Truth Value vs Truth

What did they say? What did they really say? Here’s my favorite trick for thinking critically. I was first introduced to this technique by my sixth grade teacher, Mrs. Ravitz. You probably saw this if you studied geometry. Does this statement make sense? 2+2=4 Of course it does. Is it true? I think we would…

Is America Ready for Protectionist Economics?

If the United States returns to a 1970’s model of domestic production, we should expect our consumer goods to roughly double in price; and me personally, I will not hold my breath until my wages double.

Donald’s World

The other evening, my wife and I went for a stroll around our urban neighborhood. At the corner we noticed a couple of wooden desk drawers propped up against the black iron fence in front of an apartment. Looking ahead down the street, we noticed a fellow shoving an enormous wooden desk along the sidewalk….

The Paddling Penguin

There’s a Bible verse I appreciate, from a letter Paul wrote to his friend Titus on Crete. Paul left Titus in charge of a bunch of new churches, and he wrote to instruct Titus in his work. Paul’s instructions included this: “But avoid foolish controversies and genealogies and strife and disputes about the Law, for…

‘Trump’ begins with the letter ‘Tea’

The Republican Party was doomed the day it got in bed with the Tea Party. Here’s how I see it: The Tea Party blindsided the Republican Party from the right. At the time (2009), the Republicans held a handy majority in the House, but were irrelevant in the Senate. Figuring they could not afford to…

Politics — Politely?!

I am disappointed by the shortage of rational, factual, civil discourse coming from any side. The candidates before us practically beg us to focus on style instead of substance — and indeed, they have given us precious little substance so far on which to focus!

Sustainability Defined

“A practice that can continue indefinitely without depletion of any requisite resource.”

Sustainability Myth

Most of my opinions and beliefs concerning the Environment focus on the Industrial Co-opt of the Sustainability Myth. My posts will describe ways in which stakeholders in the consumer economy (ie, manufacturers) have co-opted the term “sustainability” and reduced it from a survival imperative to a trendy lifestyle choice — and thus neutralized its efficacy.